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He is freakin ADORABLE!!!!!! I really do think German shepard/ Husky may be the breeds as he has the GSD ears and muzzle and he prances like a GSD. He is the most loyal little man and LOVES to be with u. Not on you but with u. He gets along GREAT with kids, other dogs, and could care less about my cats. LOVES FOOD!!!! He was starved when I got him so we are working on getting him to slow down on the food and not be so frantic. Zeus is off leash trained and will follow u anywhere. He is mostly crate trained will be fully any day and is working on house training but havent had much time latley to work with him (not his fault ours just have to many rescues on top of our dogs). Zeus will most likley need a family with a privacy fence as both his breeds are known for being escape artists. Zeus is NOT to be chained and NOT to be stuck in a back yard and forgotten about he is VERY needy of people interaction and ADORES people! Oh and he talks!!! Its is soooo cute when he talks!

Zeus is approximatly 4 months old and about 12lbs. He didnt have a good start to life and was bought off the side of the road as a tiny puppy and terribly underweight then the family that bought him left there 12yr old son in charge of the puppy and he didnt do a good job. Zeus was left in his crate 95% of the time and the little boy hated him cause he cryed ALL the time. Well if u were left in a crate 95% of the time and not fed enough to keep any weight on wouldnt u cry??? Poor Zeus! Anyways the family surrendered him to me and now he is in good weight and happy! Doesnt cry much in his crate at all anymore just when he needs to pee!

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