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Blaize in Norman, OK

Blaize is bright and eager to please and is very social Husky with people and other dogs.  He just needs someone to devote some time and training to him.

Blaize is nine months to a year old.  He is current on his vaccinations and was wormed upon entering foster care.  He weighs about 30-35 lbs and is on the petite side of husky sizes.  He was found as a stray in Blanchard, Oklahoma.  A local vet there contacted the Adopt-a-Husky foster parent and asked if they could help him. The vet had had him for 10 days or so with no inquires. 

Blaize has a very dynamic personality and can be very bouncy one moment and calm and patient the next.  I’ve taught him sit and ask him to sit before feeding him.  He’s was a bit growly with food at dinner time when he first arrived, but the behavior has gradually and nearly extinguished.  He feeds well with other dogs and doesn’t demonstrate food aggression towards them.  Rank wise he seems on middle ground behaving subordinately and playfully to some pen mates, while being dominate towards others. 

He is dog friendly and when I have let him play with other canines he has done well and has behaved well his with pen mates.   He seems partially house broken, too, but his main weakness is he likes to scent mark and will likely need supervision and continued training for a period of time once in a new home.

 He isn’t an escape artist and hasn’t tried to dig or climb out of the any of the pens he has been in, either.

Blaize will be vet checked and neutered prior to adoption per Adopt-a-Husky’s policies.


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